Disease Notification and Surveillance System

This system is composed of multiple modules and applications that all communicate with each other to provide data collection, reporting and analysis on disease outbreaks and epidemics.

health-disease-notification module

This is the ePAS module that will provide the facility for entering disease notifications that will be synchronised to the National Epidemiology Unit within the Ministry of Health (Epi. Unit).

It will also allow staff in the Epi. Unit to be able to create entries for notifications received on paper or via telephone.


These videos show some of the details and functionality of the Disease Notifications module.

Suspected Disease Notification Web

A web application to allow the entry of disease notifications from facilities that do not have the ePAS and from private healthcare facilities.

Disease Surveillance Analysis and Reporting

A management application for analysis and reporting on epidemiological data based on data captured from the tools above.

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